If you want to build a loyal membership base then motivation is key. Incentivise your members with our customisable Awards & Levels and create a progressive path through your content.

Motivate Your Members With Awards.

Our unique Awards & Levels system allows you to fully customise the rewards that your members will get when they achieve certain goals. You can set awards for length of membership, number of workouts achieved, overall metrics like reps, distance, weight lifted or even give out individual awards like ‘Member of the Month’. There are an almost unlimited combination of factors that you can combine to build and ever expanding list of possible accomplishments for your members. 

Levels can then be set based on the Awards that are earned so that your members can have a visible rank for their efforts.

Constant Progression.

Awards and levels are achieved by hitting various metrics and a member can check their progress against each of these metrics at any time. Each award achieved can lead to the next so your members are on a path of constant progression.

The data and metrics that we capture for every workout powers the rewards for the members, the power of a digital platform enhances the physical work that your members do. 

Level Up & Unlock New Content.

The Level system in My TRIBE is unique because you build it to suit your community. Each level can have a custom name and design and as a TRIBE Community Owner you get to set the criteria that needs to be met. When your users meet that criteria they will automatically be promoted to the next level. 

Levels aren’t just for kudos, content can be set to lock or unlock depending on a members current level. Have an advanced programme that you only want to offer to your most dedicated members? My TRIBE Can do that.