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My TRIBE turns your fitness into an interactive activity. Members climb leaderboards, compete with other members and earn awards for their efforts.

Fitness Gamified.

When members are motivated they are engaged and loyal. However, most digital platforms do little to engage the user. My TRIBE is different, your members are part of your community and so they can engage in fitness ‘games’ with one another.

Members can compete to top the leaderboards for individual workouts or for the overall community top spot. Members can challenge other members to head to head workouts or join community challenges. Awards can be earned, Levels can be achieved – your online fitness is interactive not passive. 

Earn Points For Every Workout.

Every activity can earn your members points. This means that members can be engaged in completely different workouts and activities and still compete fairly amongst each other to climb the leaderboards.

Points can also be awarded for completing lessons, earning awards, registering healthy habits, winning challenges and hitting PBs. At any time members can see where they rank on the overall leaderboard or see how they rank for each month.


The Community That Plays Together, Stays Together.

Life is more fun when you can play games. As a TRIBE Community Owner you can push your members to take on challenges in ways that simply would be possible without our platform. 

Imagine being able to set a benchmark workout for a monthly challenge to see who can set the best time or create a community challenge where anyone can contribute their workout stats to a group goal – it’s all possible with the My TRIBE app.