The My TRIBE platform allows you to create many different types of content allowing you to deliver high value content to your members.

Content That Your Members Will Love.

Create amazing workouts, build fantastic programmes, set up live events, publish blogs, deliver lessons online and much, much more.

The My TRIBE app helps all kinds of Fitness professionals to build services that will inspire their members to get involved and active in a whole new way. Our unique data structure allows all of our content to be interconnected so that your users will have a seamless and flowing experience that they will love.

A Virtual Learning Platform.

Creating and recording workouts is just one part of the My TRIBE platform. You can also deliver an entire online learning experience for your members and turn your community into an e-learning platform.

Online lessons allow you to educate your members with video and multi-step instructional programmes. Each lesson can be chained together form a comprehensive guide techniques and skills. Once completed these lessons can then unlock unique content, incentivising the user to keep learning.

Build Fast.

Creating a workout, programme or lesson shouldn’t take hours. Own drag and drop building system allows you to quickly construct even complex workout routines and programmes.

Our unique Workout Builder allows you to build amazing workouts even when you don’t have video, just combine the movements you need from your Movement Library and you’re good to go.