The My TRIBE platform gives you total control of your community. Set up your TRIBE so that it reflects the needs of your audience and then scale it without limits!

Bring Your Audience Online.

Whatever existing audience you may have, from real world clients to social media followings we make it easy for everyone to join your community. Members simply register to your unique community via your own custom landing page and then download the app or use the platform via any web browser. 

Once onboard you have direct  access to your members via push notifications so that you can keep them informed about your community.

There’s no limit to the scale of audience that you can bring to the platform so before long you can build communities of hundreds or thousands of members.

Choose Your Features & Set Your Subscription Tiers.

The My TRIBE Platform comes with more than 20 amazing features for you to chose from. Simply drag and drop the ones that you need into the subscription tiers that you set.

You can set up unlimited subscription tiers for your members; they can enjoy a limited experience for free and then upgrade to a monthly membership at any time. All of the payment services are built in so taking payments is hassle free. 

Entice your members to upgrade by allowing them to see the kinds of content and services that they are missing out on as they use the app.

Allow Your Members To Engage & Interact Like Never Before.

The community that plays together, stays together!
The unique component of the My TRIBE app is that it’s social, our vision is to bring the supportive nature of a great physical gym into the online space. 

With My TRIBE members can interact with each other in ways  that are unique and specifically designed for a health and fitness community. Members can join events and virtually train together then record their results. Members can connect and go head to head in workout challenges. And like any good social media platform, members can like, comment and share their content.