My TRIBE Feature List

My TRIBE platform has more than 20 amazing features to chose from and our continuous development process is adding more all the time.

As a TRIBE Community Owner you can simply drag and drop the features you need into the appropriate subscription tiers that you would like them to be available to.

Take a look at some of the great features that we can provide to your community.  

Movement Library

The movement library stores the building blocks for all of your workouts.

Use the built in library of 300+ movements and further customise the library with your own custom movements. 

Workout Library

Create amazing workouts in high detail within minutes with our unique workout builder.  

Whatever kind of workout you want to put together our drag and drop editor will let you create what you need.


You can combine your workouts together in unlimited ways to create the exact programmes needed for your players.

Programmes can be selected by users from a library or you can assign unique programmes to individuals directly. 


Lessons add a whole dimension to your content offering, turning your community into an e-learning platform.

Lessons allow you to educate your members with progressive unlocking content that guides them through focused techniques or skills.

Calendar Events

Get your TRIBE to gather together around scheduled events and workouts so that your community stays together.

Use the full calendar system to plan events for your TRIBE from workouts to social events.


Players can track special benchmark moves so that you can track their baseline metrics and assess their progress.

You decide which types of moves are most important for your TRIBE and you define the most important metrics.


Each player in your TRIBE will have their own profile to record all their workout details and store their equipment profiles. 

Every rep completed, every weight lifted, every mile covered; it’s all tracked in the players profile.

Activity Feed

A community stream that forms the hub of your TRIBE. It shows all the content from both your players and your TRIBE.

Explore all recent content from your TRIBE with all the social interactions you’d expect; Like, comment, share & more.

Member Diary

With Member Diaries all of your users can add their own diary entries as either a ‘status update’ or a ‘progress report’. 

Diary entries can include galleries of images and can automatically generate interactive before and after photos.


Gamify your fitness goals. Allow your players to compete for points in the monthly leaderboards and top the charts.

Every competitive workout also has a separate leaderboard to drive engagement and competition.


Challenges allow you to set objectives that players can attempt to achieve as an individual or as a team.

Set a range of metrics to achieve, set start & end dates for the challenge & even allow players compete head to head!

Awards & Levels

Awards and Levels allow you to establish a progressive path for your members so they are constantly working towards a new goal.

Levels can also we used to lock and unlock content so that your members are incentivised to keep active.


Collections are hubs of content based around specific subjects. They can group all of your key content together in one space. 

This allows your members to find the content they need faster and have a more tailored experience.

Blogs/PDF Downloads

Create unlimited blogs for your community and organise them into the categories that you create.

Add images, videos, step by step instructions and add multiple PDF files for your users to download.

Habit Programmes

Create multi-stage healthy habit programmes that can build up progressively week on week.

Members can subscribe to a habit programme and then be reminded via push notifications to record their daily progress.

Dynamic Workout Timers

With My TRIBE you don’t need to have videos to workout to, the Dynamic Workout Timers can do it all for you.

Once you’ve built a workout the Dynamic Workout Timers will automatically generate an exact workout timer for you.

Comment & Like

My TRIBE was designed from the ground up to be a social app. Members can interact with each other in many different ways. 

Comments and likes are the core social media style interactions that everyone is familiar with and allow quick engagement with all content types.


Let your members chat off topic in a chat room specifically for your community.